Developed, Designed & Built Locally, With Style!

Websites & E-Commerce

We design original, fresh and stylish websites. The design and programing principles we use are executed using tools and functionality that are relevant and informed. The finished product is a finely detailed and customized website that meets your business and marketing needs. There are several Content Management Systems which we use such as WordPress and Shopify. These powerful applications allow detailed customizations to fit your business needs. We also provide training on how to use a CMS so you can update your website and online store easily.

Social Media

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, there are numerous ways to integrate these applications into your website and online store through gateways plugins which connect you to your clients and customers and drive users to your site resulting in increased traffic and more sales.

SEO & Analytics

Industry standard Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Shopify are simply, just, good for SEO! In addition, we use keyword focused plugins to further enhance your SEO needs, along with a best practices setup, including tagging and image naming. Understanding how your website is actually performing can also be invaluable. Using Google analytics, we can setup reports and custom tracking with an easy to use interface and a detailed dashboard.

Commercial-Shared Hosting

We use commercial hosts such as, who provide constant back-ups and security on a private-shared server, so your website, domain name and intellectual property belong to you and are transferable ensuring your website’s longevity, is guaranteed.


Pixel, Digital, Programming, Create.
  • 2024

    About Raznov Designs.

    Raznov Designs officially launched in October of 2015. As a freelancer, I have been building websites for 24 years and am focused on developing relationships, understanding your business and developing/designing your website using the latest technologies and standards. My clients, who are involved in diverse industries such as art, health, education, fashion, law, medicine, agriculture and food have evolved and prospered from the personalized service and support I provide.

  • 2010

    Edit Undo Shifts Focus.

    Over the years I have continuously updated my skills to keep up with a quickly changing technological world. In 2010, I switched from exclusively using Adobe/Macromedia) Flash ( it was owned by Macromedia first!) , Adobe Dreamweaver and hand rolling HTML and E-Commerce websites to Wordpress, Shopify and other online CMS systems to build websites.

  • 2002

    Edit Undo Is Official.

    Graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelpha in May of 2002, I added my Associates Degree in Specialized Technology & Website Design to my resume as I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts from Syracuse University and have participated in continuing education in drawing, design and metalsmithing at Temple Tyler, The University of the Arts and Fleisher School of Art.

  • 1999

    "Edit Undo, Edit Undo!"

    Edit Undo originally launched in 1999 from an abundance of freelance work entrusted to me when I was still a student at The Art Institute Of Philadelphia, it was a very exciting time! My love of design mingled seamlessly with my new computer skills and it was a powerful combination. --- I was holding a glass filled with red wine, it dropped and shattered, jagged pieces , red puddle--- "Edit Undo, Edit Undo! "Then---realization--- I had been inundated with and enthralled by learning computer languages all year, it was in my subconscious and had become an inseparable part. Edit Undo, the name of my first business, was born!


20+ Years Of Experience, Using the Latest & Greatest Tools Available.





Wordpress and Shopify are powerful small business tools.. These Content Management Systems (CMS) provide unprecedented options such as: highly customizeable templates, owner controlled updates and affordability.

I started building websites when HTML was a baby and CSS was not yet born. With the powerful combination of these languages, I can manipulate everything from custom typography, to slideshows to video, helping your website to stand out.

I am a designer at heart and can adjust my aesthetic to fit any industry. I have been designing websites for more than 20 years. I find constant inspiration in the natural world, art, science, music, literature, food, gardening and fashion.

I develop all of my projects from beginning to end by interfacing personally with my clients, listening carefully to their needs and developing a targeted approach to meeting their goals.